Proximity costs:
Nearby community colleges districts duplicate administrative budgets

Dozens of community college districts across California are no more than 20 miles apart yet spend millions on similar administrative costs. If some districts consolidated – like the Napa Valley, Solano and Contra Costa community college districts – taxpayers could potentially save millions of dollars. Read more here.

This map shows community college districts in 15- and 20- mile clusters. Use the button at the top left to toggle between clusters. The dropdown menu on the top right will position the map over clusters in cities across the state. When you click on a cluster (red shape on the map), the districts in that cluster will be highlighted. Click on one of the districts (represented by a circle) for more information about it.

About this data


Institutional support
The amount the district spent on central, executive-level activities concerned with management and long-range planning for the entire institution. Each district reports this figure annually to the U.S. Department of Education.

Trustee compensation
Includes stipends and health and welfare benefits if applicable.

There are a few caveats to keep in mind regarding the data. A handful of counties did not respond fully to California Watch's public records request for the cost of elections. Not all districts provided trustee compensation on a 2011 calendar year basis as requested, so some reflect a fiscal year figure. Others reported 2011-12 figures. Some districts included student trustee stipends in their reported trustee compensation, and some did not. And not all districts report institutional support in the same way, meaning each district spends at least the amount shown on top-level administrative support, but the total figure may be larger.

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