Top 50 Silicon Valley tech companies
Offshore assests help firms reduce taxes
Total cash reported Percent of cash held by foreign subsidiaries Assets invested offshore Reported tax benefit Tax haven subsidiaries

About the data

The data in this graph was taken from the annual financial statements each company filed in 2012 with the Securities and Exchange Commission; the statements cover each company’s previous fiscal year.

All 50 companies reported how much cash they have on hand, as well as how much of their assets, if any, they have deemed “permanently reinvested” outside the United States. Three reported no foreign holdings. While the companies are required to report how much they would owe in federal taxes if they transferred the money to the U.S., only 17 provided that estimate.

Companies are required to report ownership of any "significant" foreign subsidiary, which is generally defined as being worth more than 10 percent of the parent company's value.

By citing various exemptions, many of the 50 companies avoided disclosing data for one or more categories featured in this graph.